Shell Takes €1,700,000 Per Day From Corrib Gas Field

Today it was revealed that the Corrib Gas Field is generating revenue of over €1.7million A DAY for Shell, Statoil and Vermilion. At the same time hundreds of thousands of families in Ireland are living in fuel and energy poverty. 

This photo from November 2006 shows an almost fresh-faced me, an even fresher faced Paul Murphy TD and others blocking a Lennon's Quarries lorry which was being used to help build Shell's refinery in Ballinaboy. 

At the time I think a lot of people thought we were headbangers out to cause trouble for the sake of it. In the intervening eleven years the level of awareness about the giveaway of our natural resources has risen dramatically. 

The anti-Water Tax movement scored the first significant victory in the fight back against the privatisation of our natural resources. Time now to take back the Corrib Gas Field, the Barryroe Oil Field and all our other hydrocarbon resources.

(Originally posted on Facebook on May 16th, 2017)