Video: Dundrum Housing Action 24hr Protest At Sandyford NAMA Site

Video of me attaching a NOT FOR SALE sign to the hoarding of a NAMA site in Sandyford that has full planning permission for 460 homes.

Government housing policy not only facilitates, but actively encourages private corporations to maximise their profits out of human misery. This NAMA controlled site in Sandyford is being touted around the world to REITs and other institutional landlords with a sales brochure that explicitly encourages potential buyers to cram a greater number of smaller apartments into the available space.

Delighted to help send a message to those same vultures and parasites- this site is NOT FOR SALE. The Dundrum Housing Action 24hr protest will run until noon tomorrow (Sunday) so please drop by for a few mins and show your support.

(Originally posted on Facebook on November 10th, 2018)