Water Meter Installation Peacefully Blocked in Mountain View, Nutgrove

Irish Water Stopped in Mountain View (formerly Holylands) in Nutgrove in South Dublin. From early this morning a group of residents and their supporters, including Éirígí’s Brian Leeson, mounted an effective protest and stopped Irish Water in their tracks.

The installations of meters was brought to a halt at about 10am through peaceful obstruction of Irish Water 'work stations'. When it became clear that the protesters weren't going to stand idly by and watch their water supply being turned into a money supply for the state, the contractors stopped working. 

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A stand-off continued from about 11am onwards, with the protesters blockading a mini-digger that had been used to break open the footpaths. At about 4pm the contractors (under the protection of the Gardaí) backfilled some of the holes that had been cut. The protesters only lifted the blockade of the mini-digger when a lorry was brought in to remove it from the estate.

The non-party political protest will resume at 8am in the morning on Mountain View Drive. Residents are appealing to anyone from the surrounding districts, or any part of the city, to join them tomorrow. The challenge now is to build a network of activists across South Dublin that can peacefully block Irish Water on an ongoing basis, similar to what has happened in other parts of the city.

(Originally published on Facebook on October 14th, 2014)