Water Meter Installation Blocked For Second Day In Broadford, Ballinteer

Here's a snap from Broadford in Ballinteer yesterday where an Irish Water contractor truck with trailer and mini-digger was blockaded till 6pm - having originally tried to leave the estate at 3pm. 

Myself, other Broadford residents and residents from the wider Ballinteer community have now sent a clear message to Irish Water that we are determined to peacefully resist meter installations and the privatisation of our water services and water resources.

Earlier in the afternoon the same contractors (DJ O'Neill from Bray) were discovered clandestinely installing meters using a private car and workers without hi-vis jackets, safety barriers etc. When challenged by residents these workers covered their faces and ran away.

On Wednesday the contractors were stopped in their tracks after installing just 16 meters in an estate with over 800 homes in it.

(Originally posted on Facebook, March 27th, 2015)