Video: Exposing Extortionate Rent In Churchtown

Fernbank Apartments on the grounds of Notre Dame in Churchtown. 260 apartments bought en bloc by a Canadian corporation (Great-West Lifeco) from a NAMA developer (Michael Cotter).

Not one apartment will be sold to owner-occupiers. Instead they'll be rented at extortionate rates of rents as follows:
3 bed - €3,200 per month
2 bed - €2,350 per month
1 bed - €1,950 per month

This type of housing, known as Build To Rent, was brought to you by Fine Gael, Labour and Fianna Fail.

Corporate landlords already own 2,300 apartments in Dundrum, Ballinteer, Windy Arbour, Sandyford, Stillorgan and Leopardstown. And they have plans to build thousands more.

Housing is the key issue that I'm standing on in the local elections in May. I'm asking people to vote for me to send a message to the establishment parties. Their housing policies have done nothing but enriched the rich. It's time for change.

(Originally posted on Facebook on February 24th, 2019)