Video: The Writing Is On The Wall Of The Central Mental Hospital

Stop the Dundrum Land Giveaway! Our activists in South Dublin turned the wall of the Central Mental Hospital into a political cinema last night. 

The hospital grounds - a staggering 26 acres in the heart of Dundrum - are to be handed over to private developers under Landlord Coveney's latest disastrous housing plan.

Speaking about the proposal Éirígí's representative for Dundrum, Brian Leeson said 'This public land should be used by the state to build hundreds of high quality homes for people from the area who cannot afford to either rent or buy homes in the community they grew up in.

Our community has been devastated by the housing madness of the last twenty years. Thousands of people who grew up in the area have been forced out by spiralling house prices, with many either emigrating, or renting and buying miles from their parents, siblings and friends.

I've no doubt that if this land is sold to a private developer, they will build houses and apartments that only the most wealthy will be able to afford, including US multinationals looking to accommodate their senior staff. That or they will be bought up by landlords who will charge extortionate levels of rent.

If anyone is interested in building a campaign to use this site for affordable homes please get in touch."

(Originally published on Facebook, May 18th, 2017)