Video: Private Corporations Planning 1,000 Homes in Dundrum Village

Video exposing the extent of the corporate takeover of housing in Dundrum Village. US, Canadian, British and German corporations are on track to own over 1,000 homes in the heart of our ancient village, as follows:

- Dundrum View, already built and owned by Hibernian REIT (United States)

- Fernbank at Notre Dame, 260 homes under construction and owned by Irish Life /Westco Life (Canada).

- Dundrum Shopping Centre, 600 homes at pre-planning state and owned by Hammerson (British) and Allianz (German)

- Herbert Hill, under construction and in the process of being bought by Patrizia (German)

Don't be expecting any other candidates to be saying much about this issue. Fianna Fail, The Green Party, Fine Gael and Labour all played their part in laying out the red carpet for the multinational corporations.

I've been researching and highlighting the corporate takeover of housing in our community since late 2015. A handful of companies now own one in sixteen homes across the Rathdown constituency and they have plans to build and rent out thousands more.

On May 24th we need to use the local elections to send an unmistakable message to the government about their housing policies.

A vote for me is a vote for a dramatically different approach to housing; an approach that puts the need of our people ahead of the greed of land speculators, corporations, developers, estate agents, landlords and all the other parasites that are growing wealthy off the misery of others.