Central Mental Hospital Site - Affordable Homes For 1,000 Families

My graphic design skills might need a bit of work but you get the idea! The area inside the red line is the Dundrum Central Mental Hospital site that Landlord Coveney wants to hand over to some of his property developer pals.

That's roughly 11 hectares or 27 acres of basically undeveloped land in the heart of Dundrum. Depending on the density of housing and the type of housing it could provide affordable homes for anything from 300 to 1,000 families. 

That's a whole community of families that could be saved from the uncertainty and rack-renting of the private housing market - a whole community who will have more money to spend on food, clothes, heating, leisure activities etc.

But instead Coveney intends to hand it over to a developer who will then build over-priced houses and apartments that only very wealthy individuals, pension funds and landlords will be able to afford.

As you read this post this land belongs to me and it belongs to you. But it won't for long if Coveney gets his way. It you are interested in helping build a campaign of opposition to the giveaway of this site please get in touch. Together we can win this one.

(Originally posted on Facebook May 20th, 2017)